The Drowsy Kingdom

by Ice Cream Cathedral



Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Written, performed and produced by Ice Cream Cathedral.
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, Brooklyn, NY.
Cover-art by Julien Langendorff.

Ice Cream Cathedral is:
Anja Lahrmann, Kristian Paulsen and Anders Bach.


released March 4, 2013


℗ & © Ice Cream Cathedral 2013
Made in the EU.



all rights reserved


Ice Cream Cathedral Denmark

Space pop from Copenhagen.
Ice Cream Cathedral steps out of the worlds of French 60’s pop, early 90’s shoegaze and new age.
In September 2012 the band released their first single, “The Ranger”, off of their forthcoming debut-album, due primo 2013. “The Ranger” marked a new era in sound since their debut-EP with references in the music to artists like Enigma, Slowdive and Kate Bush.
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Track Name: An Armful Of Rubies
From ruby scents and scarlet elements we stem
opaquely present.
The accidentals
ruling these hallways become celestial
now that we fill the space.

By vermillion hands we'll search the lowlands
without crimson sparks the treasures stay dark

From ruby scents and scarlet elements we stem
opaquely present.
The accidentals
ruling these hallways become celestial
now that we fill the space.
we drag you through the streets to mend
our lost indulgence
the hills we howl from sigh in the twilight
the drowsy kingdom made our echoes wry.

Lay bare
what's found within this place put to rest
what's unerased.
Lay bare
the things that fill this space crystal clear
and once embraced.
Track Name: The Volume Of Your Voice
In search of a rainbow
they gave you an antidote
and said that it's far too many colours to host in there.
Now you are on close hold
you must be unstoppable
before all the dead mechanics linger in hazy air

By the volume of your voice flavour the lifeless nerves make the dark reverse.
From the crust of glorified memories you emerge
make it worth the search.

The view from the window
abuses the afterglow
and idles your hands that do their best not to loose the hold.
They're coming in tenfold
put you under a microscope
while tiresome fragments leave their marks in your empty room.

Coins of gold and chambers of purely white clean the twisted minds to the nines,
so supernatural.
Track Name: Constantine
let your mask unloose, let it be seen
before you spiral down the piles of misbehaviour.
you are full of envy-coloured green
you toss a cannonball towards me as you holler:

I carry the sound of thunder the quest of a hunter
and a surfer's grace
detours won't bring me under now that we wander
towards straighter ways

you maintain a look through vaseline
it's up to you to clear the sight within the glamour.
there's a million ways to be supreme
just speak your language - you don't need to know the grammar.
Track Name: When You Depart
When you depart
you leave a mighty grassland in my heart, where nothing grows but a shard (of you) I dream of tropic plains
to bury all my pain.

No sound, not a lark
mends the dark
in my pale heart
engulfed by the homeless night in this shadowland
I do like a man when you depart.

When you are gone
an aqueduct has made me weigh a ton it fills me up by the thought (of you). Come, strangle the despair
of my lonesome lair.
Track Name: Amber Sail
In our silver camps
we don't stand a chance with lawless hands
on our shoulders weigh a heavy shade
as we parade.

Make us more than ghostly ciphers we're all drifting like an amber sail.
Tell the beauty from the eyesore on this poison path the lights prevail.

In our silent shapes
we draw the drapes without a word.
Like our freedom thoughts we strum the chords
that must be heard.

Poison makes us eyesore
of beauty we need more.
We're drifting like an amber sail
making our lights prevail.
Track Name: Let's Collide Like Trains In The Underground
Let's collide like trains in the underground,
let's defy we are safe and sound.
Bow that language in neon so we can understand.

I'll be here when the river comes and the clocks have run dry cause I only hear jungle drums when I make my swan dive

Let's collide like winds on a mountain top,
let's be brave when the air slips up
and perhaps we'll explode like fireworks your hands.

I'll be here when the buildings break and you shiver likewise.
Just make sure that you stay awake when the turbulence strikes.
Track Name: Otherworldly Ease
All I want to know soothsayers can't foretell.
Where do hours go
spent by the wishing well?

I'd trade these hours to be momentary
at otherworldly ease.

Take a crystal-gaze,
is it that hard to see? you're a hurricane
(and I'm) wavering laundry

And so the higher you climb, the deeper I'll fall
and that's just worth it all

Where the small things swell
others collapse into our truehearted minds
look into the well
look and make sure the magic never unwinds.
Track Name: The Ranger
As the giant sky fell down
spirits filled the air and the solid ground
in the abyss someone laid
so the dusty flows carried him away.

Now those streams are gone
my child, my everlasting ranger you're a gilded one
our loss shall come across the danger.

Can you hear our chambers ache?
how the sirens sing from the deepest lake?
And the gaps we bear inside
will they disappear if we memorize,

that you see the sun
my child, my everlasting ranger you're a gilded one
our loss shall come across the danger