Straight Arcs EP

by Ice Cream Cathedral

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released November 11, 2011


Ice Cream Cathedral is:
Anja Lahrmann
Kristian Paulsen
Anders Bach

Written, performed and produced by Ice Cream Cathedral.
EP designed by Cecilie Castor von Spreckelsen.




Ice Cream Cathedral Denmark

Space pop from Copenhagen.
Ice Cream Cathedral steps out of the worlds of French 60’s pop, early 90’s shoegaze and new age.
In September 2012 the band released their first single, “The Ranger”, off of their forthcoming debut-album, due primo 2013. “The Ranger” marked a new era in sound since their debut-EP with references in the music to artists like Enigma, Slowdive and Kate Bush.
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Track Name: Ω
Curves, sparks, straight arcs.
We disembark.
Track Name: A Downstroke
Shadows are dragged by
the loneliest light
air leaves the balloon
the ropes, untied.

A downstroke
from giant skies
shouted in our ears,
in bright smoke
we improvise
just to make it reappear.

Look, from this angle
everything is black,
ropes are entangled
I can't go back.
Shadows are dragged by
my lonely machine
only waiting
for that light to be seen.
Track Name: Wasteland
Feverishly I stray on these pavements
a genuine way to not exist
and galaxies of something different
are rumbling in the chest.
Nevertheless I shout from this corner
to the orchestra of sleeping men
to those who possess the slightest shortfall
breathing oxygen.

Pathways I review
within these crowded avenues are turning me into
a wasteland.
Sunstruck and moonsick,
these golden climes are turning tricks,
I'm slowly sinking into

Feverishly the seconds stay far-flung
luring us all to stray again.
In this mastery I'm long gone
breathing oxygen.

Pathways I review
within these crowded avenues are turning me into
a wasteland.
Unended sentence
allow me the magnificence
to burst out of my room
at firsthand.
Track Name: Tie The Great Uncommon
Infancy we cry obviously.
True deceit belongs to the elite.
Tie the great uncommon,
clasp the tragedy.

Dying things filtrate inventive streams.
Your decease: swallowing us at ease.
Tie the great uncommon,

Farflung children, do you see
how these corridors bleed?
Through the ashes we repeat:
thousand bottomless beats.
Track Name: Walk-In-Closet
Step inside my hideaway
where inner enemies elope.
Wrap yourself in dim cascades
as you put on my wardrobe.

In this walk-in-closet
I found a universe unseen.
In this walk-in-closet
there is a nature in between.
Track Name: Descent
Hayley jumped me
below and beyond
the canyon willow
soon she'll be gone.
And suddenly a flashlight
beaming my eyes to see a lonely kite
and a million raging shark-bites
gave her another name.

Across the bridge
behold: the glitch of my old habits.
Under water! Under water it begins.

Evolving parts
plunder the arts,
a vultures presence.
Oh my daughter! Oh my daughter you should know,
some day she'll return.